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House Extension

The life of a house leads to many new additions. Examples include an extension to accommodate a growing family, or providing a personal sanctuary within a larger home. We undertake house extension project from start to finish.

House Renovation

With our interior design and renovation services, we can turn your home into your personal space. In this service we focus on everything from the furniture arrangement, colour schemes, lighting, window treatments, flooring treatments etc.

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion in London gives your property new value. Your conversion can increase the worth your house immensely, in addition to providing other excellent benefits. You could transform your old loft into a wonderful place for your family to live.

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Under Floor Heating

While on different sites, we get a lot of queries about Under Floor Heating from our customers. So, here are few pro and cons of using the UFH system over the radiator one.

The technology behind

Under floor heating technology works in a more energy efficient way, providing heating solution in a gentler form as compared to the traditional heating techniques. Radiators used for heating purposes need to be heated to a high temperatures in order to provide effective heating, whereas the UFH system does the same in much lesser heat.

It provides even heating throughout the floor space, maintaining an even temperature across the home. Unlike the UFH, the radiator heater produce cold spots in the middle of the room and very high temperature closer to it. This not only makes UFH simpler to use but also saves up on a lot of electricity saving you money!

Low on maintenance

The traditional heaters are high on maintenance and need frequent servicing. Plus, these radiators are dependent on a lot of external fixtures. Whereas UFH system is almost maintenance free and doesn’t need regular upkeeps. To add to the advantages, all UFH systems come with decent system and service warranty.

Free space

With no bulky radiators and hidden heating system, you can have that space to yourself. Now you don’t have to compromise on your dream home design to accommodate the heating system. With underfloor heating systems, you can free up your walls and decorate them as you plan.

Comfort and safety

By eliminating the heaters, you are also eliminating dust and allergens; since there is no constant circulation of air required for UHF. Noise is another thing that comes as a package with traditional heaters. With UHF even heating system, noise is completely eliminated. Not to forget the safety aspect that comes UHF. You don’t have to worry about hot surfaces and children running around hot radiators with UHF installed in your homes. So, still looking for a reason to switch to UHF?