Edwardian and Victorian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory is the type of conservatory in London which you will come across often. It finds its roots in the reign of King Edward VII. Most people choose the Edwardian conservatory for its extended perks like energy-efficiency, maximizing spacing, and elite designs.

If you compare it to the Victorian conservatory in London, most people prefer to have Edwardian style for their extended property footprint. The reason being, it’s a sophisticated and more modern style. At Durwin, we constructed this conservatory with uPVC covered with wood grain foils to make it look like authentic timber. You also get a range of window-glazing styles and can choose the best fit for your Durwin Edwardian conservatory.

Why Choose a Conservatories?

Solid roof conservatory is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and be load bearing for heavy snow falls. We use location software to design your roof around the weather profile of your area.

There’s no such thing as a standard installation. Every solid roof is custom built to fit the structure of your conservatory or extension. Our design consultants help you select the best option for your home.

Combine solid panels with toughened glass panels to flood your living space with light. The glazed panels act like skylights and look great with down-lighting to create a contemporary look.

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